Just for complete change of climate and scenary we suggest, expecially during the hot days in July and August but also in the mid season, a day excursion to Cortina, the well known winter ski resort among the Dolomites. The excursion starts from Jesolo in the morning between 7.40-8.10. After about 70 km you can see how rapidly the countryside changes and the flat cultivated fields leave the place to the brownish mountains called Prealpi.

En route we stop at the Santa Croce Lake for refreshment where clients have the pportunity to take some photos of the lake and its surroundings. We go on passing by Longarone, the town sadly remembered for the tragedy which occured in 1963 when over the newly built dam an enormous wave of water caused by a brushed away in less than 10 minutes three towns killing most of their inhabitants. After Longarone we enter into one of the most peculiar areas of the region, the green and romantic Cadore, homeland of the painter Tiziano and nowadays favourite holiday place for italian presidents. The high, massive, pink coloured peaks of Sorapis, Pelmo and Antelao announce that we are getting nearer and nearer to Cortina. We arrive there at about 12.00 in time for lunch (not included in the price). Those who wish can take their packed lunch up in the cable car (optional) and consume it on the top of the mountain in the cosy bar restaurant or have a snack there. The view which clients can enjoy from there of the valley and the mountains all around is really astonishing and worth while. Free time to look around the most elegant ski resort and the olympic sports town in year 1956. At 15.00 we leave Cortina and after half an hour we get to the Lake of Misurina, a small blue alpine lake, surrounded by some of the most impressive dolomitic peaks. Time for a short stop and a tea. On the way back our last stop is on route again at Santa Croce Lake . Return to Lido di Jesolo in time for dinner

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